Bluprint – your corporate DNA formula of success

The Innovative BluprintTM

-your corporate DNA formula of success

Every business faces the challenge of bringing their Vision>Mission>Values>Culture>Brand chain to life in a meaningful, compelling and actionable way to align, engage and enable people to perform to the best of their ability and deliver results.

Engagement is a good ‘catch-all’ measure, but studies by Gallup and Towers Watson routinely show

  • Engagement levels of 30-35% across all sectors and countries
  • Stagnant average engagement scores across time

With ~70% of employees reporting as disengaged the often invisible ‘people balance sheet’ shows that we are not getting the best from and for people assets.

Companies with effective communication are 1.7 times more likely to outperform their peers (Melcrum) – lubricating the levers and gears that drive effectiveness and shape your culture. Studies show that the traditional management cascade:

  • Absorbs significant leadership effort and loses consistency with business complexity
  • Creates a disconnect between leadership and employee perceptions of communication
  •  Is poor at inclusiveness and influencing the dialogue between employees, powerful factors

How do you create the environment in which people engage and your ‘people balance sheet’ grows with a measurable ROI?

Integrating purpose, strategy execution, brand, culture and results in simple ways – an INNOVATIVE Bluprint model

The Bluprint MethodTM  -is a simple, inclusive approach to rapidly discovering and deploying a high performance blueprint across multi-cultural organizations of scale to strengthen your performance, culture, brand, competitive advantage and employee proposition in a unifying theme. It brings your critical business drivers into focus in a compelling and engaging visual ‘formula for success’ against which you regularly measure organizational performance, supported by a continuous improvement cycle of priorities, actions and recognition to drive performance from within.

deloitte SA

 “BluprintsTM is simply the best mechanism we have ever used to help us drive a high performance culture in our business. Not only did the people enjoy the process, but it is now an integral part of our management processes.  BluprintsTM is an indispensable tool to shape the culture of our business and to ensure our people are focused on enhancing our business’ performance.  I have no doubt there is a direct link between the BluprintsTM process we have implemented and increased professional staff retention levels.  I can see a direct correlation between the scores we achieve in our scoring process and the profitability in the various parts in our business.  BluprintsTM is therefore a great predictive tool.
Louis Geeringh, CEO of Deloitte Consulting SA

How will a BluprintTM help you align, engage and enable your people and drive performance from within?

  • Compelling vision and value capture – the right side of the formula represents your Big Vision goal (WHAT and WHY). The left side brings into focus the principles by which you will achieve the goal (HOW). Factors above the line are enablers (add value), those below the line are barriers (detract from value). Your BluprintTM performance index is a great measure of your ‘people balance sheet’.
  • Shared identity – your BluprintTM brings focus, consistency and buy in to your strategic narrative, culture, values and brand definition in the same tool. It anchors the agenda for interactions across the organization and sets the standard by which you deliver
  • Integration – your BluprintTM is a measureable benchmark of future excellence which integrates critical factors and existing initiatives across business processes in an engaging way
  • Continuous improvement – your BluprintTM ‘benchmark’ is a framework that facilitates collaboration with tools to drive priorities, actions, recognition and continuous improvement through employee driven solutions
  • Leadership – your BluprintTM simplifies the role of leadership helping people connect role to purpose and creating a sense of shared accountability and peer vigilance
  • Inclusiveness – the innovative methodology enables your entire organization to participate in co-creation of your BluprintTM without leaving the workplace (via both online and manual processes ) – showing respect for opinions, building trust, respect and ownership and demonstrating your commitment to valuing people

A BluprintTM brings engagement and performance culture theory together in a simple and practical tool in the language of your organization to deliver success through performance from within. Your BluprintTM performance index is a great measure of your ‘people balance sheet’.


More client quotes demonstrate the versatility of the tool in achieving business value:


“Finally, someone has come up with a simple and straightforward approach to:
– aligning (or re-aligning) a large organization towards a singular goal,
– getting all team members to provide input on how to achieve the goal,
– highlighting work that should be done and also what shouldn’t,
– measuring progress along the path to that goal, and
– creating a memorable hook to ensure that organizational change has legs.
I have seen this work in real life, in my organization”.
Peter Yin Senior Vice President,
FedEx Asia Pacific


“What a powerful process!
It urges the entire organisation to continuously refocus on the fundamental success drivers, while also providing an ideal tool to identify and minimise the hurdles and blockers to success. As a major element it involves all employees, makes them real and accountable owners of the business. Since start of the project we have seen a stepped up change in culture and team spirit. In essence, Bluprints at GSK is the mirror of how we are doing. Challenging sometimes, but exciting, inspiring … and delivering!”
Heribert Voss General Manager Consumer Healthcare

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Dialogue Sweden work under license from Bluprints for the Scandinavian market.
Bluprints is an international company with offices in U.S.A, Australia, Singapore, U.K and South Africa.

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